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We’re thrilled that you’ve come to this page to learn more about our process. Understanding how we work is essential, and we’re here to make it clear to you. Our approach is straightforward: it all begins with a FREE video consultation. After that, you’ll fill out a brief form and send us your raw video footage. From there, our team goes to work, editing your video and delivering the final product within two business days or less.

Unlocking the Process:
Your Road to Stunning Videos in 5 Steps!

At Video Editing Done, we’re more than just video editors – we’re your creative partners in the world of online content. Our seasoned team of editors not only crafts your videos but also equips you with invaluable advice and tools to thrive in your content creator journey. Follow the below steps and never edit another video on your own again!📽️



Get ready to kickstart your video editing adventure! It all begins with a simple tap of the record button on your camera or smartphone. Let’s capture those moments and turn them into something amazing – We’re here to assist! 🤝


After you’ve wrapped up your video recording, it’s time to get in touch with us. You can reach out via our website, shoot us an email, or schedule a call. During our conversation, we’ll dive deep into your video project and guide you through our seamless working process. 🔄



Following our FREE video consultation call, we’ll provide you with a simple video request form to fill out. This form acts as a compass, helping us understand the look and feel you desire for your video. We’ll also guide you on how to seamlessly send your video to us, ensuring a smooth process. ⌨


After we receive your RAW footage, our skilled team of editors will dive into the video editing process, and we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. As we work our magic, you’ll have the chance to review the progress using our dedicated video proofing platform before giving the final approval.🎞



Once you’re thrilled with the final outcome of your video, it’s time to bring it to life. We’ll provide you with clear instructions on how to download your video to your computer, making it ready for publishing on your YouTube channel and all your social media platforms.🙂

Things to Know

We understand that questions might be popping up in your mind, and that’s perfectly normal. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our past clients. We hope this resource can provide clarity on any thoughts you may have. If you have more questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or explore our FAQs page for additional details.

After our initial consultation via chat or a video call using platforms like Google Meet or Skype, we’ll guide you in selecting your editing plan. Following our discussion, we’ll craft a personalized profile tailored to your brand’s unique style, incorporating all the information you’ve shared with us. One of our dedicated video editors, whether it’s Davide, Zareb, or Adam, will promptly send you a warm welcome email. This email will include a shared Google Drive folder link, where you can conveniently upload your video files.

You’re now all set up, ready to embark on your video editing journey with us, the Video Editing Done Team.

Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Upload your videos to a dedicated Google drive or via WeTransfer (depending on the size of the file).

2. Complete your video request form and share it with us.

3. While we put the finishing touches on your video, our team will conduct a thorough quality check and review. During this crucial phase, it’s important to maintain open communication with your editor. We appreciate prompt responses, ensuring a smooth and efficient editing process.

4. As soon as our editor is done with your video, you will get an email from us with a download link to the video.  There you can ask for any revisions you’d like using a timestamping comment system.

5. Need more videos edited? No problem! Simply follow the same process outlined above. However, if you have multiple videos to edit, we recommend checking out our video packages. They allow you to pay once for the entire set of videos you want, saving you time and money.

All you need is a free Google email account. After you pick your plan we will share a dedicated folder with you on Google Drive. In case of large files we also use WeTransfer.

Your shared folder will have a few folders in it.  One folder is called “Raw Footage.”  Anytime you want to make a request simply create a NEW folder inside that folder.  Title that new folder with the date and just backdate each if needed.  Then place your video files in there.  If you have a B-roll simply create a B-roll folder and so on and so on.  Just be organized, that’s all. Rest assured, once your video is ready, we won’t hold onto the files you provided. We delete them to free up space for your future projects. Your data security is a top priority!

Yes, you can upload max 60 min of raw footage and the video deliverables can’t be over 30 minutes long except under special circumstances. However, we recommend staying under 15 mins. In general videos between 7-15 minutes perform better on YouTube. While, for TikTok videos we recommend between 11 and 17 seconds; for Instagram between 7 and 15 seconds; for YouTube Shorts between 15 and 60 seconds. File size in total per order must also not exceed more than 40GB. Better if it is under 20GB. 

You can easily communicate with our video editors via email or through a dedicated private Slack channel. We like to keep things straightforward, so we currently do not offer private portals for subscriptions or memberships.

When you begin an editing plan with us, the onboarding process involves understanding your specific requirements and your vision. Our team will diligently work to bring your vision to life. If you ever need to make changes to a video after the editing is finished, we offer a user-friendly revisions platform that simplifies the process!

Our turnaround time is usually between 1-3 days (Mon-Sat) and our revisions are 1 business day. But if your project is complex we might ask for additional hours. We also offer an urgent 24 hour delivery service for an additional fee.

We are laser-focused on offering services to content creators. We do not handle wedding videos, documentaries, 2D/3D animations, or music videos. Also, we can’t do voice overs. However, we do edit talking Heads Videos, cooking, Vlog, beauty/fashion, fitness, and product review videos or testimonials. We also edit some commercials, real estate videos, and online course videos.  

We can do the following types of editing: basic color grading and correction; Transcription & Subtitles; Lower thirds; Text Animation Templates; Multi-cam; Transitions; Chromakey / Green Screen; Thumbnails; Basic Audio Syncing, Mixing and Editing.

The number of videos you can have completed in a month depends on several factors. These include the complexity of the videos, the need for additional rounds of revisions, your response time, the availability of raw footage, and the clarity of your brief. It’s important to note that we’re a small team, and we focus on one video at a time. Once we finish one video, we move on to the next. On average, our clients typically complete 4 to 6 video projects per month. 

However, if your videos are exceptionally complex or your requirements extend beyond the plan parameters, this may affect the number of videos we can produce for you. As your editor becomes more familiar with your style and you gain trust in their creative judgment, you may find that your monthly video output can increase.

Yes, we can! We will edit your video in standard 16:9 format. Once you approve the video,  we will realize that video to the other two social media channels of you liking at an additional cost. For example Instagram feed video 1.1 and instagram story 9:16. Depending on what you want this may take another 24 hours for these separate versions.

Yes we can.  We can include your B-roll or we can add b roll from our stock footage library.  All you have to do is request it.  We also have access to a large royalty-free music library.  That is also included in each of our editing plans.

We use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, and Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe Photoshop for works of graphic. 

We’re a team of professional freelance video editors with a decade of experience in the video editing and filmmaking industry. Our team members undergo regular quality and efficiency assessments, and they work diligently to ensure the job gets done around the clock.

Yes, we can! But Please note, this is for repurposed shorts only and not long form YouTube videos.

We’ve tailored our payment process to suit different plans and services, making it convenient for you:

  1. Silver & Golden Editing Plans (For YouTubers):

    • A 50% upfront payment is mandatory.

  2. Platinum Editing Plan (For Comprehensive Editing):

    • An upfront payment is necessary, and the remaining amount is settled upon project completion.

  3. Pricing for Social Media Content Creators (Short Content Videos):

    • Regardless of your chosen plan, an initial payment is necessary.
  4. Pro Video Editing Plan (For Online Business Owners):

    • An initial fee gets you started, with the remainder paid upon job completion.
  5. Our Package Videos:

    • For all package videos, a full payment in advance is required. We offer different video packages (you can order a set number of videos per month from 4 to 8 or 12)  to suit your needs. Feel free to inquire if you’re interested in a long-term partnership with us!🙂

We accept payments through Direct Wire Transfers and Payoneer, which accommodates various credit cards and currencies, including $, €, or £. We’ll send you an invoice for payments to maintain transparent and straightforward transactions. By avoiding costly online merchant payments, we aim to provide you with the best possible prices. Your understanding is greatly appreciated!

On the Fence? You Don't Have to Be!

Still uncertain about giving our editing services a try? Don’t be! Why? Because your initial video as a YouTube Content Creator or Online Business Owner will be half-price, and your first short-form content video is absolutely FREE.

Keep in Mind That...

When you work with us you will be able to:

  1. Get your time back to focus on the much more important things in your business. This is the 80/20 rule.
  2. Become the authority in your space by having better-looking videos than your competitors.
  3. Eliminate stress from slaving over a hot keyboard. This alone makes this incredible deal worth it.
  4. Free up more time to spend with your family so you don’t miss another soccer game again!
  5. Lastly, you’ll finally be able to scale your online business.

We give you everything you need to succeed on YouTube and any Social Media Platform. Here’s how:

  • Professional editing (Our edits are optimized to increase viewer’s “Watch Time” which helps get you views by pleasing the YouTube algorithm).
  • Channel Management (Upon request and at an extra cost we can help you create titles and thumbnails designed to have a high click-through rate which also pleases the YouTube algorithm).
  • Expert Video Coaching (Get FREE tips and tricks for excelling on YouTube and various Social Media platforms when you book more than one video with us).

Interested in Working With Us? That's Great!

We Eagerly Look Forward to Working With You!

When you partner with us, you have the flexibility to order a single video or engage in ongoing collaborations on a month-to-month or quarterly basis. You can cancel at any time, giving you complete control. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate into your video creation process, alleviating the time-consuming burden of editing.

Furthermore, your satisfaction is our priority. If you're ever unhappy with our editing services, you're free to part ways – we don't lock you into binding contracts. Let us shoulder the editing workload for you.


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